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Burglar Alarm Company in Eastbourne

We supply and install Burglar Alarms that are reliable, effective, easy to use and fully controllable from your smart phone. We also use a professional wireless range that offers a fast and tidy installation

Burglar Alarm in Eastbourne

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Burglar Alarm Installation Eastbourne, East Sussex

GA Technical Ltd is dedicated to providing high quality services to the Eastbourne and surrounding areas.. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions or to learn more.

Our burglar Alarms systems feature the following

  • Easy to use Burglar Alarms

  • Wireless Burglar Alarms

  • Wired Burglar Alarms

  • Burglar Alarms with smartphone control

  • Self Monitoring Burglar Alarms

  • Perimeter Alarm Systems

  • Panic Alarm Systems

  • 2 year warranty on parts and installation

Worried about your Alarm Disturbing your Neighbours

We like to ask our customers questions so that we can provide better services in the future, A question we always ask is, 'what worries you most about having a burglar alarm? 99% of the time, the answer is, 'we are worried about our alarm going off and disturbing our neighbours. This is why the smart app is great, if your alarm goes off, you will be notified within seconds. In most cases, customers silence their alarm from their smart phone and check their CCTV.

Burglar Alarm company in Eastbourne

Do your Pets Set off your Burglar Alarm

Pets can be a problem with it comes to Burglar Alarms, and although there are pet friendly alarm sensors, the pet not setting off the alarm is not 100% certain.

Pet detectors look higher that standard detectors but pets can jump and climb so this is the problem.

What we offer are sock sensors, which means your can fully protect your home with your pets inside.  Shock sensors are placed on doors and windows you you and your pets can walk freely around your home with the alarm set.

Another great thing about shock sensors is that the alarm would go off if an intruder was to apply force to a window or door, this means that they wouldn't even get into your home before the siren were to sound.

Burglar Alarm company in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Make your Burglar Alarm Stand out

Intruder alarm in Eastbourne

Just by having a bell box on the front of you home in enough to keep any would be burglar guessing, go a step further with a LED backlit bell box. The LED back lit bell box really stands out so anyone checking out houses will certainly know that you take your security seriously.

Home alarm monitoring

You can now monitor your intruder alarm system from your mobile phone, The app is completely free and you are in control of monitoring your home. Never miss an alarm event with real time notifications, Forgot to set your alarm? not a problem, you can do this from your phone when you are away from home.

App Features

The app can be used from inside of the building or anywhere in the world

  • Set and unset 

  • Add remove users

  • Control smart device

  • Add  automation recopies

  • Receive alarm notifications

  • See movement in building

An internet connection is required for a smart com to operate on an intruder alarm system.

Monitor your Alarm from your Phone

Ways to operate your Burglar Alarm

Your burglar alarm system can be controlled by either using a keypad or by using a smart app on your mobile phone.

The keypad gives you full control of your burglar alarm and you can use a code or key-fob to set and unset your alarm.

The smart app gives you full control of your alarm with the added benefit of being able to set and unset your burglar alarm from anywhere in the world. The smart app has lots of features and you can even operate your lights an other electrical devices manually of by a pre set schedule

Eastbourne Burglar Alarms
We offer a professional burglar alarm service to Eastbourne and surrounding areas.

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