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fibre internet installation

Faster Computer Networking to Match your Fibre Broadband Speeds

Fibre Broadband Networks

Our fibre broadband services offer our customers a network solution for their new  fibre broadband installation. Our installation and configuration services include, firewall routers, WIFI points, business networking, firewall security, VLAN networking, data points, network storage, IT set up and remote access setup.

Secure fibre networking

Fast and Secure Broadband

Your new fibre broadband is going to be fast, so this is  where we come in. We make sure your internal network is going to distribute your faster speeds effectively and securely.

BT full fibre

Fibre Broadband Providers

Ore fibre broadband networking services are suitable for all fibre providers. Once your fibre has been installed, we come in and install the internal network infrastructure.

computer network fibre broadband


Get the full benefits of your fibre broadband with multi point high speed WIFI. We install WIFI networks that deliver fast speeds with seamless connection.

Do you need fibre broadband?

Will fibre broadband make a difference?  Well, if you are in a shared building, you're probably using more than one device to connect to the internet. Now imagine the same thing happening in buildings across the country at specific times of the day. Connecting to your internet at peak times could mean slower download speeds.

Imagine if you're in the middle of downloading some critical files for work and your connection is slow. And if you are in an online meeting,  and your online connection keeps on dropping out.

If this sounds familiar, then fibre broadband might be right for you.

How fast is fibre broadband?

Superfast FTTP connections offer minimum download speeds of 300Mbps, But most fibre connections in the UK are superfast FTTC, and they offer download speeds of at least 30Mbps.

That said, the actual speed you'll get can depend on how far your home is from the street cabinet or telephone exchange.

Other things can also affect fibre broadband speed, including:

  • Your device speed

  • Your network

  • Number of users on the network

  • The Time of day

FTTC is fibre to the cabinet - the slower option

FTTP is fibre to the premises - the faster option

We are located in Eastbourne, East Sussex and we cover the South East of England.

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