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Face Recognition CCTV Systems

We Supply and Install Face Recognition CCTV Systems in East Sussex

Simply put, we supply and install face recognition CCTV systems that can be used for a variety of applications including pubs, clubs, shops and public events.

Face recognition CCTV will detect a person that has been placed on the banned list, and will sound an audible warning or notify a user from their phone, computer or email address.

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3 year warranty
Face recognition CCTV installed in Eastbourne

Powerful AI Technology

Face Recognition Technology

Powerful new technologies including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have recently been developed to offer a new level of security. Video capture and recording systems today can record facial images and compare them with high levels of accuracy. And Hikvision is right there at the forefront of this exciting new horizon in protecting our communities, our loved ones, and our property.

There are many ways to use Facial Recognition to keep people safe, enhance business operations, as well as improve our everyday lives with optimised services. Here’s a glimpse into how it works and how we can use it to make the world safer each time it’s needed.

What can Face Recognition be used for?

Face recognition CCTV systems can be used for different purposes, lets have a look at some of these below,

Crime, A criminal will most defiantly try to avoid being seen, and face recognition systems will certainly help prevent this from happening. Lets say someone has stolen from a store, the store manager can add that person to the system so that staff will be notified if that person enters the store in the future.

There are many different circumstances where face recognition CCTV can be used to defeat crime

Access Control, Access control systems are all about giving access to a permitted person which should efferent in not slowing the access down.  Facial recognition CCTV can detect a user and trigger a door lock to open before the user gets the the door, This is a very efficient way of staff entry and exit.

Building attendance, It is important to know who is in a large building for safety reasons. Face recognition CCTV can detect how many users have come into a building and also can detect how many people have left. this can be displayed on a database and can be used for roll call in circumstances such as a fire evacuation.

Queue Detection, What do you do if you always have to queue for a long time when you are shopping? Keep waiting, or give up shopping and avoid that store in the future. In the retail industry, waiting time is one of the most important factors affecting the customer experience. Queue Detection mode can help retailers manage checkout lines. When too many customers enter a queue, it can notify management to open a new checkout line.


Queue detection cameras can monitor the queuing situation in real-time. Firstly, cameras count the number of people in each queue, and then track the waiting time of each customer. Once it is found that the number of people in queue is too many, or the average waiting time of customers is too long, an alarm will be triggered to prompt a response. Store management will be reminded to open checkout windows to reduce waiting times, improving transaction efficiency and the entire shopping experience.


Face recognition CCTV installed in east Sussex

Face Recognition Installation

The face recognition installation process is pretty straight forward and takes 1 day for a standard 1 - 2 camera system. The system includes the camera, the machine with the hard drive and the processor, and the warning device. The system can operate with 1 camera or with 64 cameras and up, every installation is different and our initial site visit will give a instruction of exactly which type of system is best suited.

We are based in Eastbourne, East Sussex and cover the South East of England

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