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Sound System Installer in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Sound System Installation Eastbourne

For us, installing a sound system is all about the finished product, the product that is handed over to the customer, the product that plays beautiful sound and the product that is specifically designed for the customer and their reason for wanting a sound system installation.

Great Sounding Sound Systems

We install amazing sound systems in clubs, pubs, cafes, shops, restaurants, public areas and just about anywhere else. Create an amazing atmosphere in your building by having a sound system installed or upgraded. Get a sound system to create a relaxing atmosphere or a system that will deliver energising beats, we do it all, speak with us today.

Our Dedication to Deliver Great Sound

We love sound system installations, We love the feeling  we get when you hand over a great sounding system to a customer, but to get there, we have to put in lots of work beforehand. We test test and test, before any sound system installation, we setup and test the equipment back at out offices, especially if its a custom  sound system, just to make sure everything is working perfectly before the site installation.

All you need to do is tell us what you require and we will make it happen.  it could be something as simple as a you saying '"we need some music for a barbecue area" 

We will what it takes (within reason of course), our services include

Sound System Repair
Sound System Installation
Sound system 
Sound System Design


Wireless streaming music systems
Wireless sound systems are very convenient and can be installed without any disruption, all you need is a power source, a device to play music from such as a smart phone, and an app like Spotify. These system offer great sound and there is lots of systems to choose from on the market. We supply Bose, Sonos, Polk, Denon and JBL. Our Wireless streaming installation services includes supplying the product, installation and configuration. We will also help our customer set their speaker up with their music app, google assist, Alexa and Siri.

Sound System Streaming.jfif

Our Sound System Services

What Type of Sound Systems do we Offer?

Amplifier and speaker systems
Amplifier and speaker systems are very versatile and can offer an excellent finish to any project.  An amplifier and speaker system comprises of an amplifier and set of speakers, the amplifier is typically installed somewhere that is enclosed like a cupboard of communications server cabinet. The speakers vary depending on the chosen environment and building type, types of speaker are ceiling speakers, bookshelf speakers rock speakers, hidden speakers and hanging pendant speakers to name a few.  Speakers can give decretive look to and room so the correct choice of speaker is important and a key part of the design.


Amplifier and speaker music streaming system

Multi Room Sound Systems
Seamlessly play music in any room in your home with a multi room sound system. There are 3 types of system installation, 1, an installation where there is a multi zone amplifier and speakers wired to every room where music is required. 2, a wireless streaming music system where wireless speakers are places in every room where music is required. 3, local streaming amplifiers that are commonly installed in every room local to the speakers. These 3 options can all be set up as a multi room sound system and can be controlled from any device, anywhere in the home of building. Each room can also play different music at the same time.


multi room sound system

Or Latest Sound System Installation

We have just finished a sound system installation at Drusillas Park on Alfriston Road in East Sussex. We were asked to Supply and install a sound system that was going to deliver quality sound at the main entrance area. We installed 6 x Polk Audio Atrium speakers in total. Some of the speakers were installed outdoors and some were installed outdoors but under cover so we chose to install a 4 channel amplifier, this would allow for the music to played at an even level in all areas.

The sound system plays a euphoric type of music that is on a 25 second loop,  it really does give the customers the feel good factor when entering the park


Drusillas sound system installation -East Sussex

Our primary location is in the heart of Eastbourne which is in East Sussex.  We cover a large but manageable area which covers all of East and West Sussex plus parts of Kent, Hampshire and Surrey.

Call us or send us a message, We are very happy to help


We are Based in Eastbourne, East Sussex

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